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Who Is The Owner Of Noon In UAE

Noon, a leading e-commerce platform in the United Arab Emirates, is owned by the Mohamed Alabbar-led Emaar Malls. This partnership brings together the digital expertise of Noon with the retail experience and real estate prowess of Emaar Malls, creating a powerful force in the UAE’s online shopping industry.

With a rich history of innovation and success, Emaar Malls has established itself as a prominent player in the retail sector. As the owner of Noon, Emaar Malls has leveraged its extensive knowledge and resources to provide customers with a seamless online shopping experience. This collaboration has not only revolutionized the e-commerce landscape in the UAE but has also showcased the potential of combining traditional retail with digital platforms.

The History and Ownership of Noon in UAE

Noon is a popular e-commerce platform in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), providing customers with a wide range of products and services. Founded in 2017, Noon quickly gained popularity in the region, offering convenience and a seamless shopping experience to its customers. The ownership of Noon is an interesting topic of discussion, as it involves some prominent names in the business world.

If we delve into the ownership structure of Noon, we find that it is a joint venture between two influential entities: Emaar Properties and the Public Investment Fund (PIF) of Saudi Arabia. Emaar Properties, a renowned real estate development company, holds a significant share in Noon. This collaboration between Emaar Properties and PIF highlights the vision and commitment of both organizations to establish a strong presence in the e-commerce sector of the UAE.

Emaar Properties, founded in 1997, is known for its iconic development projects and has played a vital role in shaping the landscape of the UAE. By partnering with the PIF, which is the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia, Emaar Properties aims to leverage their combined expertise to enhance the growth and success of Noon. This strategic alliance brings together the resources and capabilities of two influential entities, creating a powerful force in the e-commerce industry.

As the owner of Noon, Emaar Properties has a strong focus on innovation and customer-centricity. The company aims to provide an unmatched online shopping experience, offering a diverse range of products, competitive prices, and reliable delivery services. With Emaar Properties’ extensive experience in real estate and PIF’s financial resources, Noon has the necessary foundation to thrive and compete effectively in the UAE market.

Rise of Noon: Disruption in the E-commerce Market

Noon entered the UAE e-commerce market with the vision to revolutionize the way people shop and redefine the online retail experience. With its strong financial backing and innovative approach, Noon positioned itself as a formidable competitor to established players in the industry.

According to a report by Forbes Middle East, Noon aims to become a dominant e-commerce platform in the Middle East and North Africa region by 2025. The company has been focusing on expanding its product range, optimizing its logistics and delivery network, and leveraging advanced technologies to enhance the overall online shopping experience.

Noon has established partnerships with various renowned brands and retailers, offering customers access to a wide selection of products across different categories. The platform’s user-friendly interface and seamless payment process have contributed to its growing popularity among UAE consumers.

Additionally, Noon has made strategic investments in innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to personalize the shopping experience for its customers. These advancements enable Noon to understand customer preferences and provide tailored recommendations, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The Vision of Noon’s Owners: Emaar Properties and PIF

Emaar Properties and PIF, as the owners of Noon, share a common vision of establishing the platform as a market leader in the e-commerce industry. Both entities bring their unique strengths and expertise to the table to create a successful and customer-centric online shopping destination.

For Emaar Properties, the partnership with PIF aligns with its overall strategy of diversifying its business portfolio and expanding into new sectors. The real estate company aims to combine its robust infrastructure and vast customer base with PIF’s financial capabilities to create a differentiated and immersive online shopping experience through Noon.

On the other hand, the PIF sees its investment in Noon as an opportunity to venture into the e-commerce sector and tap into the growing demand for online shopping in the UAE. As the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia, PIF has been actively investing in various sectors to drive economic growth and diversify the Kingdom’s revenue sources.

Together, Emaar Properties and PIF aim to leverage their collective strengths to drive innovation, enhance customer satisfaction, and position Noon as a trusted and preferred platform for online shopping in the UAE.

Noon’s Impact on the UAE Economy

Noon’s presence in the UAE e-commerce market has not only disrupted the industry but has also contributed significantly to the country’s economy. The platform has created numerous job opportunities across various sectors, including logistics, technology, customer service, and warehousing.

Moreover, Noon’s partnerships with local and international brands have provided a platform for businesses to reach a broader customer base and expand their market presence. By facilitating e-commerce growth, Noon plays a crucial role in driving digital transformation and making the UAE a hub for online shopping and technology-driven innovation.


The ownership of Noon in the UAE lies with Emaar Properties, a well-established real estate development company, and the Public Investment Fund (PIF) of Saudi Arabia. This joint venture combines the financial capabilities of PIF and the industry expertise of Emaar Properties, allowing Noon to thrive and compete effectively in the e-commerce market.

Noon’s rise in the UAE e-commerce industry has been fueled by its commitment to innovation, customer-centricity, and strategic partnerships. With a vision to become a dominant player in the Middle East and North Africa region, Noon continues to revolutionize the way people shop online and contribute to the growth of the UAE’s economy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we will address some common questions related to the owner of noon in UAE.

1. Who is the founder of noon?

The founder of noon is Mohamed Alabbar. He is a prominent Emirati businessman and the founder of Emaar Properties, one of the largest real estate development companies in the UAE. Mohamed Alabbar launched noon in 2017 as a joint venture with Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund.

Noon is an online marketplace, competing with major players like Amazon and in the region. Under Mohamed Alabbar’s leadership, noon has grown to become one of the leading e-commerce platforms in the Middle East.

2. Is noon a UAE-based company?

Yes, noon is a UAE-based company. It was founded in Dubai and has its headquarters in the UAE. The company operates primarily in the UAE and Saudi Arabia but has plans to expand its reach across the entire Middle East region.

Noon aims to provide a convenient and seamless online shopping experience to customers in the UAE and the wider region. It offers a wide range of products across various categories, including electronics, fashion, beauty, home, and kitchen.

3. Who owns noon now?

Noon is jointly owned by Mohamed Alabbar and Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF). Mohamed Alabbar holds a significant stake in the company and serves as its chairman. The PIF, the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia, invested in noon as part of its strategy to support the growth of the e-commerce sector in the region.

The collaboration between Mohamed Alabbar and the PIF has been instrumental in the success of noon, enabling the company to secure funding and establish itself as a key player in the Middle Eastern e-commerce market.

4. How does noon compete with other e-commerce platforms in the UAE?

Noon competes with other e-commerce platforms in the UAE by offering a unique value proposition to customers. It focuses on providing a localized experience with fast delivery, a wide range of products, and competitive prices. Noon also emphasizes customer service and ensures a seamless shopping experience through its user-friendly website and mobile app.

The company has formed partnerships with various brands and sellers, allowing it to offer a diverse selection of products to customers. Additionally, noon offers regular promotions, discounts, and loyalty programs to attract and retain customers.

5. What is the future outlook for noon in the UAE?

Noon has ambitious plans for the future in the UAE. The company aims to further expand its presence in the region, offering an even wider range of products and services. It will continue to invest in technology and infrastructure to enhance the customer experience and improve delivery capabilities.

Noon also aims to foster partnerships with local businesses and sellers, supporting the growth of the e-commerce ecosystem in the UAE. With the increasing popularity of online shopping in the region, noon is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand and solidify its position as a leading e-commerce player in the UAE.

Noon, the popular e-commerce platform in the UAE, is owned by Mohamed Alabbar.

Mohamed Alabbar is a prominent Emirati businessman and the founder of Emaar Properties.

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